Ball-Correal Memorial Post 101, Carlisle PA

The American Legion depends

on active membership,

participation and volunteerism.


The American Legion Post 101 History

The American Legion Post 101 in Carlisle, PA was formed on July 24, 1919 with the first meeting occurring at the Carlisle Armory on North West Street (now owned by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church). Over the years the Legion post has moved around Carlisle finally settling at its current location in the 1950’s where it has become a fixture of the Carlisle landscape. The post has engaged with the local and veteran communities for over 100 years and looks forward to another century. Check back here often as the historic preservation committee of the post organizes and documents its history.

The American Legion Charter announcement for the Carlisle Post 101.

After World War I ended, Carlisle hosted a parade welcoming home their hometown soldiers.

Memorial Day Parade 1970